We all tend to have our own opinions considering health and wellness, our own idea of the best diet or what we eat for pleasure and pain. However, way too often I notice we don’t necesarilly have an idea of what optimal health is! In my opinion optimal health is a lifestyle consisting of diet, exercise regiments, spiritual practices and ideologies that are going to BEST promote our health and longevity as a species.

The next question then is what is the best diet, exercise routine and spiritual practices that will promote our health and longevity as a species? I believe that we all have a pretty specific standard for reaching optimal health as a species, however, obtaining optimal health after living a not so optimal health supporting lifestyle can be difficult and is a different journey for everyone. Not every single person can follow the same routine to achieve optimal health from the rut we are currently in! When it comes to diet for example, lets just be honest with ourselves, we are most certainly not eating the most optimal health supporting diet, because if we were, we would all be extremely healthy with increased longevity and decreased disease. As for our environment, we have totally polluted everything around us from our own mind and thoughts to the air, land and water around us. Our spiritual practice as a whole species is a little flawed considering we still argue over religious practices and freedom in most places around the world, but we are somewhat on the right track with few exceptions to some religions that do not necesarilly promote our health.

I believe I have discovered a great majority of a lifestyle that promotes optimal health through fasting, a raw vegan diet, spiritual practices and understanding, as well as proper exercise. The experiences I speak about have been learned through research and personal experimentation on myself of such diets and practices! A lot of the ideas I teach my clients about in depth are very much against the norm and very radical sounding, which is why I would implore everyone that reads this article to at least stop and give it a listen, give what i have to say some thought. I assure you that everything I have to say in regards to diet, fasting, spiritual practice, etc is very logical if thought about with proper logic regarding natural law. As long as we live according to natures laws, mankind will never fail. The issue arises from a lack of knowledge that has been lost from the years spent focused on becoming civilized and leaving natures abundance.


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