The biggest change I’ve ever had to make in life was when I made the decision to give a vegan diet a try. My life completely changed for the better. In June of 2016 I stopped eating red meat and pork and started eating more vegetables and then a month later I met and spoke with someone who would change my life forever just by teaching me about veganism as one of the most important issues on the planet. As the months went on I stayed strong with my vegan diet, I didn’t cave whatsoever. It was very difficult, mostly because I was trying to explain myself and the social pressure that came with it, but over time it really grew on me and I learned more and more.

I discovered a lot of truth in the natural diet of humans and our biological/anatomical needs. Over time it grew on me to the point I started diving deeper into researching different diets and the different vegan diets out there. For a while I ate 90% or more raw vegan food and then in April of 2017 I stayed for a week at a fruit festival in Costa Rica at the Tanglewood wellness center. From there my perspective on diet changed completely and then I started eating mostly fruit for a couple months after hanging around a bunch of fruitarians for a week. I have had many experiences with different vegan diets and the research behind it all. I’ve heard many different perspectives on the subject.

The transition to eating this way was not difficult at all. The most difficult part of transitioning to a whole new lifestyle such as the vegan lifestyle is the social aspect of others not understanding veganism or disrespecting vegans because of miscommunication as well as having enough self respect for oneself. I made it my mission in life from that point on to be a positive and passive vegan activist and to live the lifestyle I believed in instead of preaching it all the time.


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