Let me just start with saying this. If you worked a 9-5 were when you clocked out of work and completely left your job at the workplace and never brought it home, then it wasn’t a real sales job. Not for the sake of this article at least. Because the sales job i’m talking about is the type of job referencing yourself to a hungry wolf makes sense. The job were every call you made was under the ABC (Always Be Closing) principle. The type of job you complained about because of the long hours and the times you didn’t make a good rip (commission), yet knew, knew that when that sale, that commission, that bonus, came in, nothing else truly mattered. You knew the instant high making a sale gave you, the addiction of finding every single excuse in the book and rebutting it like an elegant word game of chess. You knew that no job would be equally as rewarding and equally as unforgiving as this one.

It’s funny really. If someone told you “You have to constantly call people, always look your best, take rejection in the face day by day, have to know every single angle of your product and still be willing to not get paid” You’d leave that interview faster than the interviewer would finish that sentence, but it’s never phrased like that. So you go for it, grow a thicker skin, stay strong and maybe you see something in yourself you never saw before. You realized once you knew the rebuttals, knew the products, dressed your best, rejections wasn’t so bad, it actually felt as if you were in on a trade secret, one that the prospect would be missing out on by rejecting you. A secret that he/she would never find out because they rejected you too early. At the end of the day you realize something, and that’s that money isn’t the sole motivator a successful sales person should have. It’s the need to help people, the name of the game is to be liked, to be of assistance, we’re in high school all over again but with this popularity contest helping pay the bills.

You see, no matter how good the product is, no one will buy from you if they don’t like you. No one likes a money hungry asshole, pardon my french, but you’ve met them before. We all have. Which is why we don’t like them, we’re tired of the con-artists, the annoying telemarketers, the constant follow ups when you’ve shown un-interest, and worst of all, the sales person who says “This deal is going to run out, BUY NOW” yet the deal was supposed to run out months ago and the calls keep coming in. But then again, we wouldn’t buy from the guy who isn’t confident in his product, shaking with a beat up suit and no follow up calls. So, where’s the balance? It isn’t a rhetorical question, comment below…


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