A Unique Social Platform

In the new age of technology, information is everywhere. Yet, we haven’t found a proper or ambitious social media specifically tailored for information, for consultants wanting to share it, and individuals wanting to learn. Yet, now we’re here!


A social media for you, to improve and learn more of your expertise whichever it may be. Or, even better, share your expertise! Write articles, talk to friends and have your information spread like wild fire! Share your expertise, and guide others! Improve your brand awareness by showing the audience what you know!


Hello! And Welcome. Curious as to starting a blog? There’s a consultant for that. Self help? Consultant for that too. Is there any exercises you don’t know exactly how to do? Well we’re sure theres a personal trainer ready to consult! Here is a place for all the curious cats out there, and people just wanting to learn, needing or wanting a guide along the way!

What is a sophist?

The term sophist was used in Ancient Greek times during the 4th-2nd centuries B.C. And stems from the word “Sophia”which translates to wisdom. Democracy was becoming more and more popular during these times, such as how we have seen over these last 200 years. Many people began learning the art and systematic study of effective public speaking as well as the practice of rhetoric.

This attributed to the rise of entrepreneurs, ambitious men teaching or spreading their wisdom and knowledge, again much like we have seen over the last 200 years in America and some other countries around the globe. However, this time, we are in a rampant age of information and technology where wisdom is more easily accessed by those who seek it! What a time to be alive!

Why us?

Although the services of our website are not free for consultants to use, we believe you get every bit of value for membership on my website. This is a social media platform for people to freely crate accounts that wish to connect to a consultant or coach in a specific field. As a consumer or average person using my website, you will find there are many different fields of consulting and coaching. The consultants and coaches will pay an annual fee for membership, however, there are not going to be different levels of membership and we will not charge for leads. You are simply paying for annual membership to my website to create an account to interact with consumers/clients looking for a consultant/coach and are able to interact with other consultants, private message people, post to the activity feeds, create your own articles as blog posts as well as many other amazing features.

This is very similar to LinkedIn, just for a different playing field! Your clients will be able to share and review your services as they utilize them. We believe every person that pays to utilize our services on this website should have fair and equal value, one person cannot pay us more money to advertise their services more than others. If your services are excellent and hold its value, the reviews will speak for themselves and your services will thus sell itself! we care mostly about the success of others rather than gaining a lot of money and value from this website and more so over my own success.

To uphold the integrity of this website, we will not even advertise our own consulting services. We believe we have chosen the most passionate, success driven, people-over-profits, individuals for our web designers and marketing team as well! A part of the annual membership fee will go towards only the best marketing and advertising strategies to insure leads for the consultants that pay to create an account!


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